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June 27, 2017

Agile CRM

Agile CRM’s gamification feature set helps your sales team stay focused and improve their numbers every day by treating sales like a game. Features include custom leaderboards, real-time alerts, activity logs, email reports and advanced sales metrics. Agile CRM is a leading sales, marketing and service CRM for small businesses. Complete with everything from web popups and email templates to telephony integration and advanced sales and marketing automation,. Agile CRM lets users sell and market like fortune 500 with marketing automation, telephony, helpdesk, web engagement, social media integration, email campaigns and mobile marketing. Agile CRM is an all [...]

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December 27, 2016

Snapforce CRM

Snapforce CRM is available in 3 editions, all of which are cloud based. Deploying a cloud application eliminates hardware expenses and maximizes accessibility.It is offered in 3 Editions to serve Large, Medium and Small size businesses.Snapforce Call Center Software is a combination of Snapforce CRM and Telephony Software, resulting in a rich call center program.Snapforce Telephony Software uses the same proprietary VoIP technology as the Call Center Software to deliver an individual cloud telephone system package.Snapforce CRM gives both management and the sales agent deep insight into their sales pipeline. Custom dashboards allow for the delivery of [...]

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December 27, 2016


The enterprise management system designed for small and medium-sized companies. TeamWox will make companie's management process more transparent, improve productivity of your employees and reduce the costs.Users can install TeamWox, create accounts for their employees and move their company's activity to the system. You will quickly learn the program's features and find out how it can benefit their business.The unified client base, sales funnel, free VOIP telephony, electronic document flow, automated reports, integration with company websites, technical support module - all that can be found in TeamWox basic delivery. If a company employs less than 5 [...]

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December 27, 2016

SAP Digital CRM

SAP is a simple and effective solution that allows users to track all their customer interactions in one place to give their team the insights they need to form powerful, personal connections that drive customer engagementIt allows them to increase communication within their team by using built-in collaboration tools, so they can shorten sales cycles and engage customers more responsively and effectively. Businesses can get started quickly and simply with in-product tutorials that walk them through every step, from importing contacts to creating powerful dashboards and reports. Every time a user’s team members log on, they start the day with their [...]

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December 27, 2016


Nexus is a powerful and effective tool that allows business owners to create completely automatic and journeys for each lead and customer.It allows users to know when leads are ready, at their desk and when they are on the go.It also helps a user to come up with great-looking and compelling HTML emails easily. The software’s Multi-step campaigns of emails in sync with sales, triggered by customer behavior.Additionally, it allows for accountability which in turn enables businesses to measure and manage sales.Moreover, it lets businesses to select contacts by industry, title, revenue employees, location, profession, SIC code and or even those with social [...]