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June 23, 2017

Pentaho Orchestration streamlines the machine learning workflow

Pentaho orchestration capabilities that streamline the entire machine learning workflow and enable teams of data scientists, engineers and analysts to train, tune, test and deploy predictive models. Pentaho’s Data Integration and analytics platform ends the ‘gridlock’ associated with machine learning by enabling smooth team collaboration, maximizing limited data science resources and putting predictive models to work on big data faster - regardless of use case, industry, or language--whether models were built in R, Python, Scala or Weka.With Pentaho’s machine learning orchestration, the process of building and deploying advanced analytics models maximizes [...]

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August 14, 2016

Dataiku DSS 3.1 Visual Machine Learning and support for Scala

Dataiku, released Dataiku DSS 3.1, which enables transformations in Apache Spark's Scala, adds additional external integrations, an improved UX interface, and includes 5 machine learning engines in its visual analysis section.Dataiku DSS 3.1 introduces new visual machine learning engines that allow users to create incredibly powerful predictive applications within a code-free interface. Users of all skill levels can now leverage HPE Vertica machine learning, H2O Sparkling Water, MLlib, Scikit-Learn, and XGBoost directly from within the visual analysis section of Dataiku DSS 3.1 to apply powerful machine learning algorithms to their data science projects [...]

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August 5, 2016

FICO Enterprise Security Score for Organizations

The FICO Enterprise Security Score, is a complement to FICO Falcon Cybersecurity Analytics for threat detection, and provide easy-to-understand metric that will facilitate board-level risk assessment, third-party vendor management, and cyber breach insurance underwriting. Along with a score, the product will provide current threat profile characteristics and granular insights into potential security issues. FICO Falcon Cybersecurity Analytics are based on the patented behavioral analytics that have made the FICO Falcon Fraud Platform the world leader in payment card protection. With this acquisition and the infusion of FICO’s analytic scoring methods, [...]

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August 5, 2016

Salford Systems CART to automatically generates accurate predictive models

Salford Systems CART is a user friendly classification and regression tree software. CART produces the most reliable classification and prediction models for applications such as profiling "best" customers, targeting direct mailings, detecting telecommunications and credit-card fraud, and managing credit risk. "The most important data-mining business applications, such as classification and predictive modeling, can be accomplished using just CART," says Dan Steinberg, president of Salford Systems. "Many businesses don't need to go overboard buying data-mining suites, which contain multiple data-analysis components, cost tens of thousands of dollars, and [...]

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August 5, 2016

Minitab Makes Cleaning and Preparing Data for Analysis Easier

Minitab updated the leading statistical software used for quality improvement and statistics education, enhances tools to clean, format, and manipulate data.Minitab makes data analysis easier with Minitab 17.3. Data cleaning tools that are available upon import, a copy/paste warning that safeguards against improperly formatted columns, and improved tools for formatting and manipulating data help you reconcile dirty data before you begin your analysis.With an improved data import dialog, you can take advantage of data cleaning tools to identify and correct case mismatches, fix improperly formatted columns, or represent missing data appropriately—all before [...]