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April 5, 2017

Top 45 Cloud – SaaS – OnDemand Business Intelligence Software

45 Cloud – SaaS – OnDemand Business Intelligence Solutions : Review of 45+ Cloud – SaaS – OnDemand Business Intelligence Solutions including Birst, SiSense, Kognitio, Jaspersoft, Actuate’s BIRT, Bime, SAP Business Objects on Demand, MicroStrategy, Domo, GoodData, Yellowfin, Pentaho, IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud, SAP Lumira Cloud, TIBCO Spotfire Cloud, 1010Data,Tableau Online, Oracle Business Intelligence, Microsoft BI, Information Builders, Logi Analytics, Panorama Software, Zoho, Deloitte Managed Analytics, Alteryx, Matillion, SpagoBI for Cloud, Salesforce Analytics cloud, QlikView, Informatica, FICO Analytic Cloud, SAS Cloud Analytics, Rosslyn Analytics, Mo’mix, Bitam, [...]
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November 21, 2015

SAP Vehicles Network to Accelerate Cloud Based Vehicle Centric Services for IoT

SAP Vehicles Network to Accelerate Cloud Based Vehicle Centric Services for IoT : SAP Vehicles Network solution, is a new cloud offering that allows enterprise companies to offer secure, convenient end to end vehicle and mobility centric services independent of devices or vehicles. SAP Vehicles Network enables drivers in North America to share data from the Internet of Things, activate gas pumps, pay at the pump, reserve parking, open off-street parking gates and pay for on-street parking from the car through a mobile wallet or app. SAP Vehicles Network harnesses the power of SAP HANA Cloud Platform for the Internet of Things and offers member companies [...]

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February 12, 2015

Free preview of Microsoft Power BI

Free preview of Microsoft Power BI : Available in free preview, Microsoft Power BI’s new business analytics experience makes it easy for customers to sign up, connect and use. Microsoft Power BI can help every company adopt a data culture with easy to use, accessible tools and innovative technology that lowers the barrier to entry, for all. Power BI, is a cloud based business analytics service, a software as a service for non technical business users. With just any browser or a Power BI mobile app, customers can keep a pulse on their business via live operational dashboards. They can deeply explore their business data, through interactive visual reports, [...]

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December 17, 2014

Birst Marketing Analytics simplifies Marketing Landscape

Birst Marketing Analytics simplifies Marketing Landscape : Marketing Analytics Accelerator from Birst, integrates online and offline sources of marketing data to provide a complete picture of the customer journey, right from audiences to prospects and to profitable customers. As marketers are inundated with data about their customers from a wide variety of dynamic sources, creating faster ways to acquire new customers or developing upsell and cross sell opportunities demand closer integration and analysis of data from different systems. Birst is the global leader in Cloud BI and Analytics. The company helps organizations make thousands of decisions [...]

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November 19, 2013

IBM Watson platform in the Cloud and Applications

IBM Watson: IBM Watson is a cognitive system capable of answering questions posed in natural language. IBM Watson understands natural language. Using machine learning, statistical analysis and natural language processing Watson find and understand the clues in the questions. Watson then compares the possible answers, by ranking its confidence in their accuracy, and responds with the answers. The process takes three seconds.

IBM Watson in Jeopardy !

Watson, was debuted in a televised Jeopardy !. In February 2011, a cognitive computing system, IBM Watson defeated the two most highly decorated champions of the TV quiz [...]